Meeting New People As An Immigrant

Meeting people in a new place can be intimidating but it is also one of the exhilarating experiences. You may have come to the US as a student or on work visa (the points covered below are generally useful for other visa classes like visitor/tourists too). We will cover these 2 categories and show you how and […]

Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader and HR15

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is filing a discharge petition to bring HR 15, the bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill that has been hanging around the House of Representatives since October to the floor. A discharge petition is a procedural move that requires the signature of 218 House members; if successful it forces the House leadership to […]

Maria Jones Law Firm – Immigration Law News

1. Internal News – Welcome our new Phoenix immigration layers, members who joined our fast paced USCIS Department: (1) Mayra Ontiveros: “Hello my name is Mayra Ontiveros. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I am about to graduate in May with my Bachelors in Human Services. Since I was a child I have always […]

Us Immigration Law Firm News

Internal News– Maria Jones Law Firm, a top US Immigration law firm has recently added a few new friendly faces to her team. Welcome our new team members who joined our fast paste USCIS Department: Gina Garcia: “My Name is Gina Garcia; I was born in Michoacán Mexico. I was raised in Phoenix Arizona. I am […]

Update with US Immigration News

Maria Jones Law Firm always keeps up to date with any US immigration News changes and regulations. In order to provide excellent quality of work, MJLF provides weekly training’s to the staff. On Friday, April 25, 2014, we had U-Visa training with Legal Assistants and Attorneys. The training was conducted by our Managing attorney, Stephanie Corcoran. A […]

Client Stories – Cancellation of Removal

STORY 1: Mr. C Mata, is a client who was set for today to appear in court. The appearance was to accept a voluntary departure however, he recently married his girlfriend who is a US citizen. Now married, he became eligible to do consular processing through his wife, as well as cancellation of removal before […]

Maria Jones Law Firm – Phoenix Deportation Lawyers

Maria Jones Law Firm, Proves again to be the best Phoenix Deportation Lawyers have to offer. Mrs.Rosa came to hire Maria Jones Law Firm on April 2013 for Permanent Residency/Green Card. MJLF provided services that first day she came into the Firm, her forms and application were completed. In June 2013, her immigration packet was sent to USCIS […]

Phoenix Immigration Attorney – Immigration Legal Services

Internal News – On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, the Phoenix immigration attorney, Stephanie Corocan, conducted a presentation at La Frontera, EMACT-Suicide Prevention in Tempe. There were approximately 17 people in attendance, not including children and case workers. She played a 9 minute video about MJLF and did a question and answer session that lasted approximately 2 […]

Choosing the Right Phoenix Immigration Attorney

Maria Jones Law firm Clients News – STORY 1: Choosing the right Phoenix immigration attorney is of the utmost importance for winning a case. A great example of this is Mrs. Veronica and her husband Mr.Carlos, who came to Maria Jones Law Firm in 2008 because Mrs. Veronica needed to file an I-601 waiver. MJLF assisted Veronica with […]

US Immigration News – Consular Process Around the Deportation

US Immigration News – Consular Processing Around the Deportation STORY 1: Mr. Jose and Mrs.  Nancy came to Maria Jones Law firm because they are trying to continue the processthey started when Mrs. Nancy submitted form I-130 on behalf of her husband. The I-130 was approved but Mr. Carlos was not able to adjust his status. […]


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