Immigration Portfolio & Protection

Building a Strong and Protective “Immigration Portfolio.” Maria Jones Law Firm is committed to excellence in providing services to individuals and families in Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa, and throughout Arizona and the entire U.S.


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In addition to outstanding immigration representation, we have additional services to help you obtain access to your own governmental records or files and to supplement your “immigration portfolio” to help you in case of any unforeseen immigration emergency.

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Immigration Protection Program

We offer a unique Immigration Protection Program to our clients. Upon your request, we will gather helpful information about your good character and strong family and business ties through letters or affidavits from friends and business associates. Documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, property records, pay stubs, school and church records, green cards, and tax records, are all helpful to build a strong immigration portfolio for you.

You may be wondering why we wish to compile these documents on your behalf. As immigration laws grow increasingly complex every day, it is good to have these documents in your case file, in the event you may need them during an arrest, or for other emergency circumstances where quick decisive legal action is needed to defend you from possible removal proceedings.

For instance, by having these documents on hand, our Phoenix immigration attorneys may be able to get you out from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody without posting a bond, obtain the lowest possible bond for you during a bond hearing, or provide evidence of “good moral character” when requesting a Cancellation of Removal in immigration court.

FBI Check/Freedom of Information Act Records Retrieval

To supplement your file, or to help us determine your legal needs, we can help you fill out the forms to request a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Background Check, or to obtain a complete record of your immigration file through the a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

These services include:

  • FBI Background Check – Conveniently take your fingerprints in our office by a certified specialist, submission of fingerprint card to FBI keeping a confidentiality of the person; attorney review the FBI results which reveal criminal and deportation history of the individual; and create a personalized plan of action for each individual case.
  • Freedom of Information Act — Obtain copies of all documents filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or from immigration court; attorney review of Freedom of Information Act results with creation of a personalized plan of action for each individual case.

If you have a previous arrest charge, the FBI Background Check can provide us with the disposition of arrest, the date of arrest, and the actual arrest charge. Both the FBI Check and the Immigration Records obtained through the FOIA help us to determine your immigration status and make the filing of future applications that much easier.

ICE Appearances

Our attorneys are also on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for foreign nationals and Permanent Residents who need legal representation for ICE appearances or other court appearances. We are also seasoned criminal defense and personal injury lawyers, and can address any legal needs you may have if you are arrested or are injured in an accident.

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