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We have frequent contact with U.S. Consulates and Embassies across the world and are familiar with their stringent review standards and procedures. We have helped countless foreign spouses of U.S. citizens reunite with their U.S. spouses and obtain a Green Card to live and work in America.

We take your stress and headache out of the entire petition process for U.S. citizens residing anywhere in America. Our attorneys are admitted to practice immigration law in all 50 states. We have helped scores of men and women in America petition for their fiancées to come to the U.S. to join them on a K-1 non-immigrant fiancée visa. If the couple marries within 90 days of the visa-holder’s arrival in the U.S., then the foreign spouse may stay in the US while applying for lawful Permanent Resident status.

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Receiving a Green Card Through Family-Based Immigration

The following steps must occur if you are to receive a Green Card through family-based immigration:

  • A close relative, who is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, must file an immigrant petition (Form I-130) on your behalf with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • The petition must be approved by the USCIS and forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC).
  • The NVC collects fees and documentation, then notifies the petitioner and the foreign beneficiary when a visa number is available.
  • Once a visa number is available, a local U.S. Embassy or Consular office will notify the foreign beneficiary to come in for an interview and for final processing.
  • If a visa is granted, the Consulate or Embassy will give the foreign beneficiary a sealed Visa Packet to take with them to the U.S.
  • Upon arrival in the U.S., the beneficiary will present the unopened Visa Packet to the Customs and Border Protection officer at the Port-of-Entry. If he/she is found admissible, he/she will be allowed to enter the country as a Permanent Resident (Green Card holder).
  • A Green Card will then be mailed to beneficiary within 30 days of entering the country.
  • Non-Citizen crewmen who arrived in the U.S. on board an airplane, ship, or vessel
  • A foreign national transitioning through the U.S. from one country to another
  • An alien admitted legally into the U.S. as a non-immigrant visitor, under the Visa Waiver Program

Our Phoenix consular process attorneys can prepare and process all necessary documentation. We are in constant communication with U.S. Consulates and Embassies overseas to facilitate a successful outcome.

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