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Do you know the difference between K3 and CR-1 visas? Although both the visas are for the spouses of American citizens, there are several differences in their application processes as well as the rights & benefits available to both types of visa holders.

Some couples choose a CR (Conditional Residency)-1 immigrant visa, because it allows a foreign spouse to become a permanent resident of the United States the moment he or she enters the country. A CR-1 visa is granted on a conditional basis. Two years after the marriage, spouses are eligible to apply for Removal of conditions. This is done 90 days before the conditional visa expires. Upon successful processing, spouses get a 10-year Green Card. For a spouse to work in the country, typically a delay of a couple of months is involved.

Also, since it’s an immigrant visa, your spouse would have to wait in their home country until their application for legal permanent residence in the US is approved. This is referred to as ‘consular processing.’ Can you wait that long? More importantly, is that the right option in your case? A consultation with our Phoenix spousal visa attorneys can help you make an informed decision.

Many couples choose the more rapid K-3 spousal visa. It’s a non-immigrant visa, available to spouses & children of American citizens to reside in the US until an immigrant visa is approved. The National Visa Center takes a shorter time to process a K-3 non-immigrant visa than it does for CR-1 immigrant visas. Do keep in mind that the application for a K-2 visa has to be filed & approved while your spouse is outside the US. Once your spouse arrives in the US, an application for work authorization can be filed.

The K-3 spousal visa allows married couples to join together quickly, without the pain of lengthy physical separation. It also allows them to bring their minor children with them to the U.S., using a K-4 dependent visa.

At Maria Jones Law Firm, our multicultural team of marriage visa attorneys specializes in K-3 spousal visa processing. Our team of immigration legal experts is here to help you understand various eligibility requirements.

Failure to confirm the mandatory requirements for a particular visa scheme can result in you missing a required piece of information or a qualification on your marriage visa application. A rejection by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be no doubt disappointing and result in significant delays.

For more information on how to apply for a spousal visa and which type applies to your case, call our Phoenix spousal visa attorneys at (602) 603-4032. Your consultation is free!

K-4 Dependent Visa for Children – You Can Count On Our Immigration Attorneys

A child qualifies for a K-4 visa if he or she is:

  • Under the age of 21;
  • Unmarried; and
  • The child of a qualified K-3 visa applicant.

Becoming a Permanent Resident without Leaving the Country

The K-3 spousal visa allows a foreign citizen spouse to legally enter the United States as a non-immigrant on a provisional two-year basis. After entering the country, your spouse may adjust their status to become a lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card holder) at any time.

Always a full VIP treatment – got my spouse visa

Always a full VIP treatment - got my spouse visa, green card and now about to finalize my citizenship application. Maria Jones Law associates are always available, immediately responsive and having answers to all my questions and concerns. After 15 years in US, now I have a family here and owning my own business with over 30 employees. In these sensitive situations you want to have people you can rely on and will properly represent & guide you through the legal process. With gratitude. - Metta Yoga

Filing Two Petitions on Behalf of a Spouse – We Help You At Every Step

If you are a U.S. citizen who wishes to bring your alien spouse to the United States, we can help you fill out the forms and answer your questions about U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) qualifications.

The qualifications for a K-3 nonimmigrant spousal visa include:

  • The foreign bride/groom must be legally wed to a United States Citizen. Learn more.
  • A Pending Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, should have been previously filed with the USCIS by a U.S. Citizen (petitioner), on behalf of his or her foreign spouse (beneficiary). Learn more.
  • The U.S. citizen petitioner must file an alien fiancée Petition, Form I-129F, to bring his or her spouse and spouse’s children to the U.S. to complete processing for Permanent Resident status.

Depending upon the nature of your case, several other, unexpected things can happen along the way. The USCIS may, for instance, request additional supporting documentation or ask that the foreign spouse undergo certain medical examinations.

Our Phoenix spousal visa attorneys assist you throughout the process.

Final Processing for a K-3 Visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate

When the USCIS approves your petition, and the National Visa Center (NVC) has done the required security checks, then the NVC will forward the petition to a relevant U.S. embassy near your spouse for final processing of his or her K-3 visa.

Experienced and dedicated to the timely resolution of your case, our Phoenix spousal visa lawyers can guide you every single step of the way.

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