Benjamin Richards Esq. has spent his entire legal career practicing criminal law. In law school, he defended veterans accused of committing crimes in a specialty court. After graduating from the law school, he represented the State in various misdemeanor cases. After a few years of handling misdemeanor cases, he became a prosecutor specializing in public benefits fraud at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. That experience motivated him to focus on helping individuals, so he has put his prosecutorial experience to use defending people accused of committing crimes ever since.

For Benjamin, helping people is the most rewarding aspect of practicing law!

Benjamin draws from a broad range of experience effectively handling cases including misdemeanors, traffic violations, DUIs, drug offenses, felonies, and fraud. As a former prosecutor, he knows how the State thinks about different types of criminal cases. Benjamin excels at using this insight; listening to clients; educating clients, prosecutors, and judges; negotiating with the State; and finding and leveraging weaknesses in the State’s case—all to get the best possible outcome for each person.

A fourth generation Arizonan, Benjamin earned both his undergraduate degree and Juris Doctor from the University of Arizona. He and his wife, a former student-athlete at the University of Arizona, are avid fans of the Arizona Wildcats and Phoenix Suns. Beyond following sports, Benjamin enjoys spending his free time cooking, staying current on the news, and reading non-fiction.