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Minors (persons under the age of 18) face unique proceedings and penalties if suspected of committing crimes. The juvenile justice system is generally geared more toward rehabilitation rather than punishment. Judges decide juvenile cases, not juries. Records of juvenile offenses are also typically sealed. Juvenile courts have their own special set of rules, procedures, and even terminology.

If you are a minor who has been accused of a crime, or if you are a parent whose child has been arrested, do not wait to involve an attorney. Although the Arizona juvenile justice system was built to offer a way to rehabilitate minors, detention and other penalties may still result if a judge decides that a minor has committed a delinquent act (crime). Minors aged 14-17 may be charged as adults for certain violent or sexual offenses. You need a legal professional who is experienced in representing minors in juvenile and adult courts alike.

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Types of Juvenile Crimes

A minor may face detention and other penalties for various delinquent acts. Delinquent acts are very similar to the same crimes adults may be arrested and imprisoned for, but minors will experience a certain level of leniency and protection because they are not yet legal adults. Instead of facing prison time, for example, they may face detention in a juvenile facility. Instead of jail time and fines, they may have to complete community service, training, and rehabilitation. The only exception may be if a minor is tried as an adult.

The following are examples of juvenile crimes:

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, you can count on the experienced counsel provided by the juvenile crime lawyers at Maria Jones Law Firm. We have offices in Tucson and Phoenix and represent minors across Arizona in juvenile proceedings, using our skill and our passion for helping others to secure the best possible result in every case we touch.

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