Internal News – On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, the Phoenix immigration attorney, Stephanie Corocan, conducted a presentation at La Frontera, EMACT-Suicide Prevention in Tempe. There were approximately 17 people in attendance, not including children and case workers. She played a 9 minute video about MJLF and did a question and answer session that lasted approximately 2 hours. MJLF bags and marketing materials were distributed and there were a lot of people interested in our services, especially the immigration protection program, as many immigrants may not qualify for something today, but would like to have peace of mind that they will be represented when or if they need assistance. There were many questions about U-visas and qualifying for residency based on children with educational needs or medical disabilities. I was able to answer a lot of questions and many people wanted appointments to discuss their cases in detail. Overall, it was a success, the coordinator, Alma Hernandez was very happy that MJLF was able to send someone to come and present and Ms. Hernandez stressed that she and EMPACT only send their clients to MJLF for immigration legal services. Stephanie thanked her for her support and everything that they do for the community.