Criminal Law

5 Myths About Criminal Cases

Many people think they have a good idea of the U.S. criminal justice system from television and movies or even word of mouth. However, the depiction of police investigations, trials, and other facets of the legal system in the entertainment industry has resulted in persistent myths. Believing in such myths can ruin your ability to […]

Fake Identity & Criminal Charges

Not only does college help prepare young adults for their careers, but it also gives students an opportunity to have fun since they’re away from home. Many students who are not 21 years old yet obtain fake IDs to purchase alcohol and enter bars and clubs, rather than waiting until they are of legal age. […]

Voter Fraud In Arizona

Voter fraud is an issue in every state in the country, including Arizona. Arizona is fighting against this problem, and cites illegal immigrants casting ballots as a part of the fraud. It can be punishable by different consequences, it is a serious offense, and the state swears that illegal immigrants are a large part of […]

How Does Drug Sentencing Work in Arizona?

Getting arrested for drugs in Arizona can expose you to several charges and consequences. Even if you were arrested for a single violation, you will likely be charged with multiple offenses. The severity of your sentencing may depend on what type of drug you were carrying and whether or not it violated the statutory threshold […]


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