Internal News– Maria Jones Law Firm, a top US Immigration law firm has recently added a few new friendly faces to her team. Welcome our new team members who joined our fast paste USCIS Department: Gina Garcia: “My Name is Gina Garcia; I was born in Michoacán Mexico. I was raised in Phoenix Arizona. I am currently a Receptionist at Maria Jones Law Firm. I choose to work at Maria Jones Immigration Law Firm because it gives me an opportunity to help my people with all the families’ separations. I love my position because it gives me the chance to meet wonderful people. My goal is to provide great customer service and make you feel at home. I have no doubt in my mind that you deserve the best of the best. It would truly be a pleasure meeting you and help you in any way I possibly can!” Vanessa Nario Urias: “My name is Vanessa Nario Urias and I am the new sales representative of Maria Jones Law Firm. I actually wake up excited to go to work, which has never happened before. Every day I learn something new about the immigration law world. My job consists of: speaking to potential clients, provide them with prices in addition to, an explanation of the process they qualified for. After I explain, I finalize the contract so that they become official clients of the Firm. I love the environment, everyone is very friendly and welcoming, I love my job!I decided to work in an immigration law firm because I wanted to know more about it. It is all around us. Everyone knows at least one person who had to go through an immigration process. The staff here really does care about the clients; I know I am definitely working in the right place!” 

Immigration Law News – UPDATE Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is filing a discharge petition to bring HR 15, the bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill that has been hanging around the House of Representatives since October to the floor. A discharge petition is a procedural move that requires the signature of 218 House members; if successful it forces the House leadership to bring the bill to the floor for a vote without first being passed out of committee. Any House member can file a discharge petition if a committee has failed to act on a bill after 30 days. HR 15 has been pending before several House committees since October 2013. House Minority Leader Pelosi said that it would be difficult to reach the 218 signatures needed for HR 15, “because the Republicans generally won’t sign, but the fact is that it is there and the outside mobilization is saying all we want is a vote.” The decision to go forward with the discharge petition—or as it is being called the, “give us a vote” petition, acknowledges that there is growing pressure throughout the country to resolve the immigration crisis. Phoenix- A federal judge strongly rebuked Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country and one of his chief deputies on Monday, March 24th stating that they had defied, even mocked the judge’s order last year to stop singling out Latinos during routine patrols, traffic stops, and work place raids. Judge G. Murray Snow of US District Court, Arizona, stated that “Whether or not the sheriff likes it, there is a distinction in immigration law that was not understood by the population and, with all due respect to you, it is not understood by the sheriff, which is that it is not a criminal violation to be in this country without authorization.” Sheriff Arpaio did not speak in court. After the hearing he told reporters: “We’ll be appealing this case anyway. Stay tuned.” Judge Snow made clear that if there were any further violations he would not hesitate to use his authority to impose further sanctions on the sheriff’s office, like hiring more monitors to make sure the deputies were no longer discriminating against Latinos. 

Clients News – Maria Jones Law Firm has another successful US Immigration News Story E. Mendoza is a single mother of 5 children whose youngest child has down syndrome. She struggled for many years without documentation in the United States and things got more and more difficult when the father of her children was deported a few years ago. She came to Maria Jones Law Firm looking for legal help and assistance. She was relieved and surprised that MJLF could assist her as she had gone to 3 other attorneys in Phoenix who refused to take her case. The documentary evidence that MFLF filed with the court and DHS was so well-prepared, detailed and organized that the Trial Attorney for DHS agreed to submit the case to the court without opposition or testimony! This means E. Mendoza did not even have to speak on her own behalf in court. That is a miracle!!! The hearing took a total of 7 minutes and E. Mendoza will be granted residency. E. Mendoza said, “Bless you all! Thank you so much for all you have done for me”!!! Our staff at Maria Jones Law Firm congratulates Ms. Mendoza with a successful outcome of her case and wish her best of luck!