Maria Jones Law firm Clients News – STORY 1: Choosing the right Phoenix immigration attorney is of the utmost importance for winning a case. A great example of this is Mrs. Veronica and her husband Mr.Carlos, who came to Maria Jones Law Firm in 2008 because Mrs. Veronica needed to file an I-601 waiver. MJLF assisted Veronica with the waiver, but like many USCIS waivers back then, it was denied. Mrs. Veronica never received any Notice to Appear in Immigration Court so that she could continue fighting for her residency. Maria Jones Law Firm assisted Veronica in getting into court proceedings and preparing her permanent residency/green card case to receive her lawful permanent residency. After 6 years of working on their case, today, May 21, 2014, Veronica was granted lawful permanent residency and she is so excited to know that she can finally visit her family in Mexico and not worry that she will have to be separated from her husband, Carlos, or their 2 children. Mrs. Veronica stated, “Thank you so much, it is all finally over.”

STORY 2: The best choice for a Phoenix immigration lawyer was clear for Mr.Adrian and his wife Mrs.Ana who came to Maria Jones Law Firm in 2009. Maria Jones Law Firm, assisted Ana in filing for her husband. Mr. Adrian did not disclose to MJLF, past criminal charges he had acquired, and USCIS denied his residency and requested a waiver. Because of the severity of the crime, MJLF attorneys determined that the best route for the client would be to fail to file the waiver with USICS and have the case transferred to the Immigration Court. It took a few years, and many phone calls and e-mails between MJLF attorneys and the Office of the Chief Counsel to get the Notice to Appear that we needed to send Mr. Adrian to court, but he finally had court and after 5 years of fighting for their residency, Adrian was granted permanent residency today, May 21, 2014. Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Ana are so excited, “We want to thank MJLF for sticking by us and seeing our case to the end!!”