Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is filing a discharge petition to bring HR 15, the bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill that has been hanging around the House of Representatives since October to the floor. A discharge petition is a procedural move that requires the signature of 218 House members; if successful it forces the House leadership to bring the bill to the floor for a vote without first being passed out of committee. Any House member can file a discharge petition if a committee has failed to act on a bill after 30 days. HR 15 has been pending before several House committees since October 2013. House Minority Leader Pelosi said that it would be difficult to reach the 218 signatures needed for HR 15, “because the Republicans generally won’t sign, but the fact is that it is there and the outside mobilization is saying all we want is a vote.” The decision to go forward with the discharge petition—or as it is being called the, “give us a vote” petition, acknowledges that there is growing pressure throughout the country to resolve the immigration crisis.