Maria Jones Law Firm, Proves again to be the best Phoenix Deportation Lawyers have to offer.

Mrs.Rosa came to hire Maria Jones Law Firm on April 2013 for Permanent Residency/Green Card. MJLF provided services that first day she came into the Firm, her forms and application were completed. In June 2013, her immigration packet was sent to USCIS department. Three months later, the attorney of MJLF attended her interview. Despite the fact that her evidence for her case was weak, Maria Jones Law Firm overcame this issue and successfully completed her immigration case by providing Mrs.Rosa with the amazing news that she received her Green Card!!! Maria Jones Law Firm received approval for Permanent Residency/Green Card for Mrs.Rosa and she expressed her gratitude by stating, “MJLF did an excellent job for me. Sometimes I did grow inpatient but overall I thank you for being patient with me!” We congratulate Mrs. Rosa with her residency and wishing her best of luck!!!