US Immigration News – Consular Processing Around the Deportation STORY 1: Mr. Jose and Mrs.  Nancy came to Maria Jones Law firm because they are trying to continue the processthey started when Mrs. Nancy submitted form I-130 on behalf of her husband. The I-130 was approved but Mr. Carlos was not able to adjust his status. MJLF was hired to start the Consular Processing for him to become a permanent resident. Mrs. Nancy underwent a psychological exam that proved that she could not be without her husband as it would emotionally stunt her. Mr. Jose is the sole supporter of his household. They have two children who are attached to Mr. Jose. MJLF has been working with them for two years and he has been approved and is going through the final steps for a Lawful permanent resident card. STORY 2: Mr. Arturo and Mrs. Maria came to Maria Jones Law Firm seeking help with Consular processing and a waiver. MJLF assisted them in their Consular Processing process through completing the application, obtaining their finger prints, and preparing them for their interview. The challenge Arturo and Maria face is the fact that their children are very young and would not understand being separated from their father. One of the children has medical issues that require medical attention provided here. On June 5, 2014, Maria Jones Law Firm was successful in obtaining Mr.Arturos’ approval for his Lawful Permanent Resident Card. They are truly grateful for everything MJLF has done for them because now their children do not need to live in fear of losing their father.