Mr. C Mata, is a client who was set for today to appear in court. The appearance was to accept a voluntary departure however, he recently married his girlfriend who is a US citizen. Now married, he became eligible to do consular processing through his wife, as well as cancellation of removal before the Immigration Court. Despite some minor criminal background issues, and through timely work, we were able to prepare his applications and attend court with his I-130 and Cancellation of Removal application filed. As such, the Immigration Judge determined that we should go forward with his consular process before USCIS and administratively closed his case. 

STORY 2: Mr. NG came to our office following an agg dui arrest and conviction. We bonded him out and gave him hope for the future. He began Cancellation of removal, however, he knew his chances of winning were not that great. Mr. NG was able to obtain his work permit and the Immigration Administratively Closed his case. This means he can remain in the US without fear of deportation, he can renew his work permit annually, and will hopefully benefit someday if the laws change. For now, he is content that he can remain in the US with his family and continue to work.

 STORY 3: One of our clients was wrongfully charged with committing a very serious crime, when he actually committed a very minor crime. Consequently, he was arrested and placed in detention with no bond, AND he was assigned one of the toughest judges in Arizona. Still, he had a strong case, we was able to persuade the Immigration Prosecutor to close his case, AND we persuaded Immigration Agents to release him from detention with no bond! The client’s wife was very, very happy!