I’ve Filed for My U-Visa; What About My Family?

So you’ve read the previous entries about the U nonimmigrant visa’s eligibility requirements and the application process, and are just about ready to file an application, but you have just a few more questions. Even if you don’t have any specific questions, here is a bit more information that can help you throughout the application […]

How Do My Family Members File for Their Green Card?

In this entry, we will dig a little deeper into the U nonimmigrant visa and its ability to help family members achieve green card status. The foreign national who has been awarded U nonimmigrant visa status is considered a U-1, and his spouse, children, and parents could all be considered eligible for Permanent Resident Status if […]

Questions and Answers About U Nonimmigrant Visas, Part 1

In our previous entries, we have covered a lot of the information related to the U non-immigrant visa. In this entry, we will go over some of the frequently asked questions, as well as their answers. Q – Can a qualifying U-1 nonimmigrant (main U nonimmigrant applicant) be the one to file a Form I-929, Petition […]

Questions and Answers About U Nonimmigrant Visas, Part 2

If you have been reading the previous entries, then you know we have covered the U nonimmigrant visas is detail. This will be the final entry on the subject and will be continuing the previous entry’s topic of questions and answers. Q – Will there be a Biometric (fingerprinting) Fee associated with filing the Form […]

Wife of a Soldier Arrested and Threatened with Deportation

A 3-year-old daughter’s birthday party should be a joyous occasion, but a trip to the store to buy supplies for it lead to tragedy for one Arizona woman. In an interview with The Daily News, 22-year-old Araceli Mercado Sanchez said that she had simply gone to the store for paper plates, when she was pulled […]

Moving? Tell USCIS Within 10 Days

The process of immigration into the United States is an extremely complex legal process. There are numerous forms to fill out, information to gather and report, and there can even be interviews. Unfortunately, once your application is accepted and you are granted a visa or green card, there are still many things you must always […]

Securing a Visitor’s Visa

It is a common belief that visiting another country is easy. Say, for example, that you live out of the country but have a relative who is a resident in the United States. It might seem like you could simply board a plane with your passport, and stay for a long visit. Or you know […]

How Does Sponsorship Help My Case?

When it comes to obtaining a visitor’s visa, it really helps to have someone on the inside, and by that I mean a resident in the United States. If you do have a family member or friend that currently resides in the U.S., you can have them fill out what are known as sponsorship papers. They […]

Be Sure Your Financial Information is All in Order

One of the less commonly known aspects of the visa application process revolves around finances. Many people know that there are fees associated with the application, and the hiring of any specialized assistance throughout the process, but it is not commonly known by anyone not going through the application process that interviewers will want to know your […]

Three Tips for Ensuring Visa Application Smoothness

There is no denying that the United States immigration process is extremely complicated. Filling out the application will take many hours, as will gathering all of the required supporting documentation (bank statements, letters of recommendation, etc.). You may find that during the application process, a lot of time is spent rifling through your paperwork to […]


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