The process of immigration into the United States is an extremely complex legal process. There are numerous forms to fill out, information to gather and report, and there can even be interviews. Unfortunately, once your application is accepted and you are granted a visa or green card, there are still many things you must always remember. One of these things is your address. Many people will live in the same place for years, and when it comes time to move, forget all about one very important thing: You must update the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services with any new addresses within 10 days of moving. Moving can be a very complicated time. It often takes days of prep work, a day or two to move and get everything unpacked at the new house, and sometimes it is even necessary to return to the previous place to make sure everything is clean. During all this process, it is common for someone to forget to update USCIS with their new address, which can lead to issues. USCIS is getting stricter with punishments and enforcement, so it is best to not even chance it. In previous years, it might have been difficult to get an address updated, either having to mail in a form, or wait on hold to speak with an agent. Nowadays though, the USCIS has forms on its main website to make address changes quick and easy. If you are moving soon, or have already moved recently, be sure to update the USCIS as soon as possible. Not only will this help protect you from any trouble, but if you have anything pending in your case, all correspondence will go to the correct address.