If you have been reading the previous entries, then you know we have covered the U nonimmigrant visas is detail. This will be the final entry on the subject and will be continuing the previous entry’s topic of questions and answers.

Q – Will there be a Biometric (fingerprinting) Fee associated with filing the Form I-929, Petition for Qualifying Family Member of a U-1 nonimmigrant?

A – Fortunately, no. There is only one fee with the Form I-929, for filing.

Q – Is it possible to have the filing fee waived?

A – Yes. Filing fees can certainly be waived. If you find that you are unable or unwilling to pay the filing fee, you can fill out the Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver. It is also sometimes possible to submit a written request with your application. Please check with your local office about the written request option.

Q – If my application is approved, is there a particular status bestowed upon the qualified family members (beneficiary)?

A – No, the I-929 being approved does not confer any special status on the beneficiary.

Q – Does my I-929 being approved mean that I am authorized to seek out employment?

A – Unfortunately, no. While the petition being approved does qualify the beneficiary to apply for their green card, it does not automatically grant employment authorization.

Q – It is late in the fiscal year. Will I be placed on a waiting list because of some I-929 quota?

A – No, there is no limit to how many I-929’s can be awarded in any given year.

Q – Am I allowed to file a Form I-929 for my family members if I am a T visa holder?

A – No, the only person who can file on behalf of family members is a U-1 nonimmigrant visa holder.