It is a common belief that visiting another country is easy. Say, for example, that you live out of the country but have a relative who is a resident in the United States. It might seem like you could simply board a plane with your passport, and stay for a long visit. Or you know someone in the United States who has a job opening that they thing you’d be perfect for, so they want you to come visit. It seems simple, right? That is not necessarily the case, however. There are many times when it will be required to obtain a visitor’s visa before you can enter the country. Obtaining a visitor’s visa is a combination of good preparation and good timing. Preparation is an enormous part of the process, since not putting in any ground work before an interview at an embassy, for example, can get your visa application denied quicker than you might think. There aren’t any tricks to get through the process easier, but our next few entries will provide some tips to make sure your application is successful: Make sure you fill out the paperwork completely. We have done previous entries on this exact subject before, and it seriously can not be stressed enough: Completely fill out the paperwork. Providing not only accurate but complete and concise information will do wonders for your application process. It is extremely common for applications to be denied because the application reviewer thought that some information was being held back. Make sure you attach all supporting documents to your application, and bring them with you whenever you have an interview or meeting.