According to a recent report from the USCIS, the filing locations for the immigration Form I-130, which is a petition for an alien relative, are changing. Instead of the previous locations, domestic petitioners are now supposed to mail their standalone I-130 applications to either the Phoenix Lockbox, or the Chicago Lockbox, depending on the location of their residence in the United States. For the exact addresses of these newly-updated locations, please check the USCIS location at the following link: Form I-130 Direct Filing Locations. Not only will splitting the offices make it more efficient for people to mail their forms in, it will allow workers to process the I-130 forms much faster, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. They announced that there is to be no change in where Form I-130s should go if they’re accompanied with a Form I-485, however. The I-485 is an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Those forms should all continue to be sent to the Chicago Lockbox location. All immigration petitioners that don’t have a USCIS office in their country should all still send their forms to the Chicago Lockbox location as well. All filers that do have a USCIS office in their country have the option to send their Form I-130 to either the Chicago Lockbox location, or their local office. It’s crucial to know this information, so as to avoid a delay in the processing of your I-130 form. For any specific questions, please go to the USCIS website using the link above.