Maria Jones Law Firm held a monthly meeting for all of the employees of the firm. Within this meeting, the importance of communication was stressed. Not only is it important to have great communication with every employee of the firm but also with the clients. Each department such as USCIS and the Sales & Phone Department had the opportunity to reflect on the past month and share the highlights they experienced. In addition, they were able to brainstorm on improvements they want to make for the month of June. MJLF values their monthly meetings and considers them beyond important for process improvement customer service. Moreover, three individuals were recognized for their devotion and hard work. Gina serves as the 3 rd floor receptionist. She was awarded for her outstanding performance and dedication. She states, “I am beyond grateful to be part of MJLF. I love helping clients and helping them feel comfortable and welcomed at Maria Jones Law Firm!”

Mayra is a Legal Assistant. She was awarded the employee of the month for her outstanding work ethic. “I love my job! When the clients smile that brings a smile to my face. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than knowing I am making a difference in their lives.” Griselda is also a Legal Assistant. She has been with the firm for over a year and continues to grow each and every day. She was awarded with a certificate for her outstanding work ethic. Griselda is proud to share with us, “I have been working with MJLF for quite a while now. But I continue to learn something new every day. I am driven to help our clients and provide them with the best service possible. I enjoy what I do and am fortunate to be part of Maria Jones Law Firm.”Categories