To the valued past, current and future clients of the Maria Jones Law Firm: Yesterday’s historic and shocking election results have hit the immigrant community across the country very hard. Many of you are rightfully concerned and anxious about what these results will mean to you, your fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. We want to assure all of you that for the next 90 days, current immigration law is still good law. There are no immediate threats of mass deportations or detentions. President-Elect Trump has made some very frightening statements in the past but at this point, we do not know if they were simply empty campaign promises or if pursued, how such implementation will take place and what time frame for such action. Also please note that President Obama still has a chance in the last 90 days of his presidency to make some serious changes to immigration law that could benefit our communities. It is simply too early to panic now and we must wait and see how and when any changes might occur. If you are concerned about a loved one and want to come in for a consultation to discuss these and other issues, our doors are open to you as always. Please call us to schedule a consultation and rest assured that we are here to assist and protect you in any way we can. Please return to this page for any updates as we will look for any changes on a daily basis. Stay strong and vigilant and remember we are here to help you. – Maria Jones.