Giving Back to the Community is Key

It always feels great when you can reach out and help people who need your expertise and legal assistance with immigration issues in the United States. But the true fulfillment comes when you’re able to give back to the community, especially children with disabilities. It’s not a child’s fault that he or she was born into a low income family of immigrants. “Children have the right to enjoy their life to its fullest! “, says Maria Jones.

That’s why for the last 6 years, Maria Jones Law Firm has been a proud sponsor of GALA (Grupo de Apoyo para Latinos con Autismo), a charitable organization that helps Hispanic families with disabled children. Every year, MJLF donates a trip to Disneyland to one lucky family a part of GALA, with all expenses paid. In addition to that, every Christmas 250 children of GALA received gifts along with a dinner donated by Maria Jones Law Firm. This year is no exception, and on June 27, 2014, Maria Jones, Stephanie Corcoran, Areli Rivera and Irene Cervantes gave out a Disneyland Trip to one lucky family.

One of the highlights that created a stir of excitement in the air was when Maria Jones let a few of the children draw the name of the family from a jar. We now have one more family that will be heading off to California for their Disneyland adventure. We couldn’t be happier for them and cannot wait for next year so we can do it all over again!