The past several entries have been tips provided by a recent immigrant to help fellow immigrants ease into their new life once they get through the immigration process. This will be the last in that series.

The final suggested tips are: Always look for local deals. Making any sort of big move is expensive, and many of the bigger, more advertised stores are the most expensive ones. Search around for smaller local shops, watch the newspaper and websites for local deals, and even talk to co-workers and neighbors about cheaper local shops. Saving $3 on a pizza may not seem like a big deal, but if you’re able to save 20% on all your purchases, your money will go a lot longer each month.

Make sure you have enough money on hand when moving to the U.S. Moving around inside one country is expensive enough, let alone moving to a new country with an entirely new financial infrastructure. When you first move to the U.S., many things will cost more than they would for individuals who have been in the country for years: Apartments can often ask for 3 months deposit, or even charge a higher rate if you have no credit history. Also if you have no credit history, credit cards will have a low maximum balance and a high interest rate. Sometimes if you talk to your employer, they can provide you with a cash advance when you first move.

Hopefully, this series of immigration tips has helped you make sure that everything is lined up for a successful future here in the U.S.