STORY 1: Ms. Yessica and Mr. Martin came to Maria Jones Law Firm back in 2012.Ms.Yessica was seeking help from the firm for the Consular Process to obtain her residency card. MJLF assisted Ms.Yessica by filling out her forms and having them approved. Through this process, she was scheduled for an interview which went well. Unfortunately,Ms.Yessica and Mr.Martin had some struggles paying the bills but MJLF helped them through this and worked alongside them the entire way.Maria Jones Law Firm was successful in in helping Yessica obtain her Lawful Permanent Resident Card.

STORY 2: Ms. Briana came to Maria Jones law firm to get Mr.Juan into the country legally. They wanted to make an honest living. Maria Jones helped them file all the proper paper work including: I-106, I-864. Fortunately they were both approved. Mr.Juan initially had problems getting his license but was told not to worry he could try again once he got his Lawful Permanent Resident Card. Maria Jones Law Firm was successful in obtaining Mr. Permanent Resident Card. He cannot thank MJLF enough. Read More about Immigration Attorney PhoenixCategories