Tips to Avoid Fake Immigration Lawyers

It goes without saying that getting the right help can make the immigration process immensely easier. What some people may not know, however, is that obtaining the wrong help can actively hurt your case. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there practicing immigration law without actually being lawyers. The USCIS is doing their […]

Arizona Lawmakers in Alabama Talking About Immigration

In a recent move to help spread knowledge about immigration, Arizona legislators have come to Alabama to talk about immigration and immigration law. Ben Miranda, the former Arizona legislator, welcomed everyone gathered at the Mexico Lindo center on Wednesday. They are all gathered to speak about strict immigration laws, designed to specifically target immigrants. He said […]

A Guide to Travelling With a Green Card, Part 1

When it comes to green cards, one of the most common questions people ask is about the impact travelling outside the United States will have on their permanent resident status. Many people don’t ever receive a solid answer to this question, and end up passing on potential vacations to avoid any trouble. This article will help […]

A Guide to Travelling With a Green Card, Part 2

The previous post covered many potential issues with travelling with a green card, as well as what constitutes breaking continuity of residence. This post will focus more on what is considered residence abandonment, and the potential punishments associated with it. The determination of whether or not you have abandoned residence is discretionary, and based on […]

A Guide to Travelling With a Green Card, Part 3

There are many responsibilities for lawful permanent residents, several of which have been covered in the previous entries. Another one that is very important is the filing of US taxes. Pursuant to 8 C.R.F. § 316.5(c)(2), “an applicant who is a lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United states, but who voluntarily claims nonresident alien status […]

Joe Arpaio- Reprimanded for Targeting Latinos

Phoenix- A federal judge strongly rebuked Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country and one of his chief deputies on Monday, March 24 th stating that they had defied, even mocked the judge’s order last year to stop singling out Latinos during routine patrols, traffic stops, and work place raids. Judge G. Murray Snow of US District Court, […]

Republican Candidates Face Uphill Battle with Latino Voters

As the Republican primaries shift over to the Western United States, many candidates will be fighting an uphill battle to attract Latino voters. Jesse Gutierrez, who runs a conservative network called Nevada Latinos for Prosperity, says “There needs to be a little more outreach, a little more education and a softer approach to immigration. The Democrats […]

Tips for Avoiding U.S. Immigration Trouble: Part 1

Immigration into the U.S. can be a complicated procedure. Here are 4 tips to help keep the process going smoothly, and prevent any future trouble. Delays happen, plan for them. If you are currently in the United States and your work permit is in need of renewing, be aware that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services […]

Tips for Avoiding U.S. Immigration Trouble, Part 2

The previous entry on this blog was some tips on how to avoid potential issues with regards to U.S. Immigration. In this entry, I will outline 6 more tips to help make sure everything goes smoothly. Do whatever you can to avoid summary removal. When you arrive on U.S. soil from out of the country, you […]

Make Sure You Don’t File for Driver’s License too Early

A very common belief among people filing for immigration is that when they get their driver’s license or Social Security number, they it gives their status some kind of legalization. For that reason, many people are in a hurry to obtain them. More often than not, however, when people are in too much of a hurry to […]


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