Phoenix- A federal judge strongly rebuked Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country and one of his chief deputies on Monday, March 24 th stating that they had defied, even mocked the judge’s order last year to stop singling out Latinos during routine patrols, traffic stops, and work place raids. Judge G. Murray Snow of US District Court, Arizona, stated that “Whether or not the sheriff likes it, there is a distinction in immigration law that was not understood by the population and, with all due respect to you, it is not understood by the sheriff, which is that it is not a criminal violation to be in this country without authorization.” Sheriff Arpaio did not speak in court. After the hearing he told reporters: “We’ll be appealing this case anyway. Stay tuned.” Judge Snow made clear that if there were any further violations he would not hesitate to use his authority to impose further sanctions on the sheriff’s office, like hiring more monitors to make sure the deputies were no longer discriminating against Latinos.