In a recent move to help spread knowledge about immigration, Arizona legislators have come to Alabama to talk about immigration and immigration law. Ben Miranda, the former Arizona legislator, welcomed everyone gathered at the Mexico Lindo center on Wednesday. They are all gathered to speak about strict immigration laws, designed to specifically target immigrants. He said that he didn’t like what he saw happening in Arizona, and that in Alabama it’s even more severe. He is reported to have said “we’re here to offer people hope. We’re here to open people’s eyes and, more than anything else, change will occur only when Alabama, along with other states, realize the drastic negative economic consequences it will have on the recovery of the recession that we are currently in.” The president of a group dedicated to uniting all races together, Joe Ferrazas, wants a law that doesn’t promote racial profiling. He said “if we can make up special laws to protect sex offenders and child molesters, but we can’t do it with people who are hard working. That’s not doing anything wrong, it doesn’t make sense, and the law that they push whether they like it or not, does cause racial profiling.” Ben Miranda also reportedly said that immigration inform absolutely does need to be done, but not how the government is going about it. Miranda also said “the system is broken. You can’t use a broken system. There are people who waited 30 years to try to get legal status in this country that are law abiding, that have had children in this country and still not able to immigrate. And still there is a need to have them work in this country. So it’s ludicrous for us to say use the legal system when the legal system is broken.” All of them are scheduled to travel the entire state, trying to see what they can do about spreading their message of non-profiling immigration law.