Arizona has joined the rest of the country as the next state to ban texting and hand-held phone use while driving. Governor Doug Ducey signed these restrictions into law despite past Republican concerns about overregulation, but lawmakers were unable to look past the sheer evidence of what distracted driving can do. Breaking behind-the-wheel cell phone habits can make the difference between life or death and it is something every driver must see to.

Governor Ducey spoke of the building momentum leading to this ban, including the tragic and premature death of Salt River police officer Clayton Townsend, who was struck and killed by a man who was texting and driving. Surrounded by the family members and loved ones who lost a relative in a similar manner, Ducey offered this message as he signed the bill: “Let’s send a message that that text message can wait. It’s not worth your life.”

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and we at Maria Jones Law Firm encourage all drivers to reevaluate their own driving patterns ? to prevent future accidents and fatalities.

To read more about this new law, click here.

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