Immigration has been one of many topics at recent debates, however, it’s usually seen as a negative rather than a positive. Many candidates wish to have a “better plan” than previous policies, but they talk about “fixing a situation” rather than “promoting upgrades for immigrants”. Even the internet has articles on immigration that say that it is absolutely devastating and criticizes immigrants. However, both the candidates and internet seem to miss some of the points of immigration and why we have it. Immigration should be seen as a positive more than a negative; it just seems like the United States has predicted that immigrants who travel from a country that recently had many upsets are extremely dangerous and should be avoided. Why have the Statue of Liberty if our nation doesn’t support immigration 100%? It is a question of both liberty and security; there is a balance that never seems to please the public, so therefore, it is clear why Americans are cautious around immigrants. Nevertheless, the United States was built on inviting other civilians from other countries over with a warm welcome. There needs to be an immigration revival in the country, but because of recent threats such as ISIS, it will be challenging for the US to get there. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t. Many immigrants are making a difference in the country just by being nice to many citizens, and going through the process with determination and consent. With the immigrants continuing to show how capable they can be, it may not take long for a revival to happen.