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Life Can be Expensive for Newly Immigrated Individuals

The past several entries have been tips provided by a recent immigrant to help fellow immigrants ease into their new life once they get through the immigration process. This will be the last in that series. The final suggested tips are: Always look for local deals. Making any sort of big move is expensive, and many […]


How Do I Find a Good Immigration Attorney?

Many experts have noticed that immigration law has tightened a bit with concerns over international security. Therefore, now more than ever, it is extremely important to obtain the services of a good immigration lawyer. Here are some ideas to help you determine whether an immigration attorney will be good for you: Obviously, the attorney must be experienced […]


What Should I Do If I Lost My Green Card?

Accidents can happen in every possible way, including losing your green card. If this does happen, then it is important that you apply to receive a new one as soon as possible. Don’t worry though, the fact that you lost your green card does not mean that you have lost your ability to stay and work […]


Documents to Bring to a Visa Appointment

Obtaining a U.S. Visa these days is arguably more difficult than it has been in past years. If you are missing even one document, your entire visa process can be denied. It is not uncommon for individuals to have their first visa application denied for missing forms, and have to redo them. Since the visa process takes […]


Limits on H-1B Visas

If you are applying for the H-1B Visa, have in the past, or know someone who has applied for it, then you may already know that it can be difficult to obtain one. There never seem to be enough for all the individuals that want one. This can, of course, create difficulties, as people who would […]


Remember Spouse’s Visa Expiration Dates Too

There are many criteria for a happy marriage, including remembering special dates like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, mother’s name, and let’s not forget her visa expiration date. It is very common for spouses of visa holders to have their own visas tied to their spouse’s. For example, F-1 student’s spouses have F-2 visas, and H-1B holder’s […]


A Visa Type that is Rarely Mentioned

There are many different types of visas that you can apply for and be awarded. One of the most rarely talked about is the U nonimmigrant visa (shortened U visa), which is a visa that is strictly for individuals who are victims of crimes in which they suffered significant physical or mental abuse and agree to assist […]


Crimes that are Considered Eligible for U Visa

In the previous entry, we talked about some overview information about the U nonimmigrant visa (U visa), and some of the eligibility requirements. One of those requirements is that the individual has to be the victim of a qualifying crime. In this entry, we will go over a list of what the eligible crimes are for the […]


I’ve Read the Requirements, Now How Do I Apply for U Visa?

If you’ve read the previous few entries or are otherwise familiar with the process, then you know the eligibility requirements for the U nonimmigrant visa (U visa). If after reading the requirements, you believe you would be approved for a U visa, then this entry is for you. In order to apply for the U […]


I’ve Filed for My U-Visa; What About My Family?

So you’ve read the previous entries about the U nonimmigrant visa’s eligibility requirements and the application process, and are just about ready to file an application, but you have just a few more questions. Even if you don’t have any specific questions, here is a bit more information that can help you throughout the application […]


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