As immigration law can be complex and tricky, it is not uncommon for issues to arise. One of the more common issues that people run into at airports is having their name on their green card not match their passport or other ID. Names most commonly change through marriage or divorce, and while people hardly ever forget to change their name on driver’s licenses and bank accounts, many people forget to update their green card as well. Technically you are not required to change the name on your green card if you stay in the United States, but airports have much stricter immigration rules, which are getting stricter and stricter each year, so as such it is important to make sure that the names on all your documentation match. In order to change the name on your green card, you will need to send in an I-90 form to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), along with the filing fee (which will be outlined on the application) and the following information:

  • A certified copy of your marriage license, or the original court order, and
  • A photocopy of both the front and back of your current green card

You don’t have to send in any photographs. You should receive a letter informing you of an appointment to get fingerprinted and to have a new picture taken. Once that is complete, it is merely a waiting game to receive your new green card. Usually, it takes a few months. Please keep in mind that the exact location you mail your forms to will change depending on your physical location. The I-90 form will outline the exact addresses for you to send correspondence to.