In the process to obtain your visitor’s visa, the more information you have, the better. The process can be very confusing, so spend a little extra time researching the process, to make sure you understand it perfectly. There is plenty of advice that can be given to assist you with obtaining your visitor’s visa, and a lot of it seems like common sense: Provide complete information, attach all supporting documents, stay on top of deadlines, etc. One of the most critical tips that can be given is to be completely and utterly honest. It is said that a lie is any communication with the intent to deceive. Be 100% honest with your visa interviewer, and do not attempt to hide anything. If they come across some issue that you failed to mention to them, it could turn it into a big issue, even if it was not important in the first place. Another aspect of the application that can cause issues is the photograph portion of the application. United States visa photograph requirements are quite strict, so make sure that you know them ahead of time, and find a photographer that can meet those requirements. Otherwise, your photo may be dismissed, and you will be required to get a new one. These past few entries have been specifically done to help you avoid any last minute difficulties that are commonly seen in the application process. Hopefully they have helped provide you with some good information. If you have any other questions or concerns with the immigration process, please contact an immigration attorney immediately, for legal advice specific to your case.