We all know that the great country of America was built on the backs of immigrants. Had those brave individuals not trekked the oceans to get here, we would not be living in this great nation today. Today’s post is going to honor the accomplishments of a few foreign-born Americans:

Albert Einstein: German immigrant – world renowned physicist that created the Theory of Relativity and the iconic formula E=mc^2

Levi Strauss: German immigrant- Founded a company which specialized in selling denim jeans, which are now recognized as an iconic American wardrobe piece.

Igor Stravinsky: Russian immigrant- One of the most influential composers of the 20th century and known for pioneering new styles and methods that are still used today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Austrian immigrant- Businessman, bodybuilder, actor, and Governor of California, this man wanted the “American Dream,” and wouldn’t let anybody get in his way.

Sergey Brin: Russian immigrant- Co-founder of Google, one of the world’s most innovative and profitable online companies. Here are some other important American companies founded by immigrants.