We have posted a few entries related to potential issues arising from the use of social networking websites. This will be the final entry in that series. If you have read the previous entries, then you are well aware of the dangers of intent, job titles, descriptions, etc. all posted on your personal profile. What many people don’t necessarily realize is that public profiles often include links to posts you leave on other people’s pages. It is important to follow all these same rules with regards to other people’s profiles as well. You really can’t be too careful. It will undoubtedly seem entirely obvious to avoid posting any information relating to criminal activity on your page, but it is not uncommon for individuals to get into trouble merely by posting links to videos or articles that contain criminal activity. It is very popular to link to music videos on social networking sites, but you must either refrain from that practice, or be extremely selective with which videos you link to. Songs that contain violent acts, drug use, theft, illegal driving behaviors, or any other criminal behavior should be off limits. There was recently a British author who was denied a visa because he was the author of a popular book that described (among other things) his drug use in previous years in the United Kingdom. Posting incriminating evidence on social networking sites can also be a problem for green card holders. If Immigration deems it offensive enough, they can begin deportation proceedings. The goal of these previous few entries has been to help prevent anyone from making any unintentional mistakes in how they publicly present themselves. Hopefully after reading these tips, you have gained confidence in your online persona.