The business visa can be a fantastic tool for business owners that are looking to hire foreign workers. If you are a business owner that hires workers with business visas, then it is your responsibility to understand how the process works. Here are a few things to understand about the whole process:

  • The meaning of dependents. Chances are, your employees will have dependents that will want to work or study in the host country. It’s usually a fairly straightforward process to make all the necessary arrangements or to explain the restrictions that prevent them from doing so. It’s important to remember that no matter what the outcome is, dependents can be as important to the applicant as his or her own visa. The entire visa process can end up changing as a result of when the dependents apply for their visa. It’s also important to remember that while legal or just accepted in some countries, polygamous marriages and homosexual marriages are not always allowed in the host country. Also, different countries will have different ages at which children are no longer dependents. All of those issues will need to be taken into account.
  • Localized staff can bring benefits to you. Many people currently on expatriate benefits find them hard to give up, but companies can make big savings if they localize all their expatriates as quickly as possible. If someone elects to stay in their host country, then residency and citizenship should be arranged as quickly as possible. This will, of course, end their expatriate status and localize the employee.
  • Never hesitate to ask questions. No matter the country, immigration law tends to be among the most complex legislation. If you ever have questions, seek out a trained and experienced immigration attorney right away.