The green card application process is extremely complex, and as a result, many individuals simply do not even try to get their green cards. The ones who do are often surprised to find out that it can take years to be approved, and finally receive their green card. If you have received your green card, then here are a few tips to help you as a permanent resident. One of the most common questions asked of immigration attorneys is whether or not permanent resident status automatically generates a Social Security number for an individual. If, prior to receiving your green card, you were in the U.S. under a non-immigrant visa, then you will be eligible to apply for a Social Security card. In addition, if you had specific restrictions on your job when you applied for a Social Security card in the first place, once you’ve received a green card, re-applying for a Social Security card will remove all of those restrictions. Don’t forget that your Social Security card will enable you to receive Medicare benefits and supplemental security income, if you qualify for either of those programs. It is very common for newly permanent resident who are applying for bank accounts in the U.S. to experience difficulties. Many banks will require proof of identification for individuals to prove that they are legally in the United States. If your green card is with you, that will work. Otherwise, you can use your Social Security number or card. Most banks also require some form of picture ID as well, so try to make sure you have that as well. Hopefully with these tips, as well as the various tips scattered throughout the internet, you will be able to transition into a life of permanent residence easily.