Our team at Maria Jones Law Firm is honored and excited to announce our compelling and ground-breaking documentary, “The Deported,” premiered online on July 17th. Streaming for free on YouTube originals, this emotional piece gives viewers an inside look into the lives of 4 families wherein at least 1 loved one is fighting an order of deportation. Hosted by actress and activist Rosario Dawson, this memorable documentary observes individuals who are all of DACA age and long-term residents of the United States. Through these stories, we see their struggles in this terrifying process and “The Deported” is shaping up to be the most important immigration documentary this year.

We hope this documentary reaches the hearts and minds of those who betray American values by still holding onto ignorant beliefs about immigration. This captivating film seeks to educate the public and spread awareness of the indescribable damage our current immigration system causes for millions around the world. To watch “The Deported” trailer and gain more insight into this humanitarian issue, click here.

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