On May 16, 2019 President Trump shared his points on Immigration Policy.

  • No matter where in the world you are born
  • No matter you your relatives are

If you want to become US citizen – President Trump will have “CRYSTAL CLEAR” immigration standards in the form of “Build American Visa” program.

It is not clear thought if this Visa Program will be replacing Green Cards…

He also mentioned creating a “Point System” like in other developed countries, such as Canada. An immigrant will receive more points:

  • if she/he is younger who, according to the President, would be able to contribute MORE to the country (not sure what would happen to all elderly people who DID contribute to this country when they were younger and now cannot fit into the age category due to their natural aging process)
  • if she/he is highly skilled and/or have a plan to create more jobs.
  • Immigrant must be financially SELF-SUFFICIENT. It is very unclear what the President means as currently an immigrant’s sponsor takes the entire financial responsibility for the immigrant while applying for an immigration benefit; in addition, if sponsor cannot show enough income, immigrant can use a co-sponsor.
  • Immigrant must Learn English and pass Civic Exam prior to admission. It is unclear for what kind of admission, as President should know that EVERY immigrant while applying for us citizenship, is required pass English Exam and Civic test.

Even though in his speech President stated how clear the standards will be, however those points are not that “crystal clear” after all..