The USCIS receives information from thousands of immigration applications each year, and therefore is able to outline some of the most common mistakes that individuals make when e-filing. As in the previous entry, here are a few more of the worst offenders:

Don’t Put Off Mailing Supporting Documentation

There are many points throughout the application process when the USCIS will need extra information. These points will be made known to you, and it should be very clear that extra documentation is required. It is EXTREMELY important that you send in all of the required documents as soon as possible after you have e-filed your application. In the information you have, there should be a section called “Submitting Supporting Documentation.” Please follow all the steps outlined in that section, as the instructions could differ depending on what type of information you are sending in.

Always Watch for “Action Needed” Status on Your Application

When you are on the USCIS website checking over your forms, if you ever see the term “Action Needed” on the My Forms screen next to your case, it could possibly mean that your form payment was not processed fully. This does NOT mean you need to re-file. I repeat, DO NOT re-file. That could cause even more problems. What you should do is click on “View/edit/delete,” which will provide you with information and instructions on the reason for the message. If the information shown there is not sufficient, you can also take the following steps:

  • Double-check with your bank or credit card to see if the e-file payment was taken out of your account or not.
  • Call the NCSC at 1-800-375-5283, and let them know your status is “Action Needed.” They will ask for information such as payer’s name, applicant’s name, payment type (no account numbers), form type, date & time of payment submission, and whether your bank or credit card confirmed the payment.

At that point, the NCSC will assign a member of their Program Management Team to review your application, and if necessary, contact you about your case. Please keep an eye on your application on the USCIS website, and watch for status updates. Remember, once the application submission is successful, your application will no longer show up on the “My Forms” page.