Immigration to the United States is a volatile topic these days, especially with the ongoing debate about border walls. While the wall is meant to keep illegal persons from entering the U.S., it in no way means that those who are already here are safe and can remain.

Because of the shared border, the majority of the undocumented immigrants in Arizona are from Mexico, hoping to find a better life for themselves and their families. But because these folks don’t have lawful residence in the U.S., they must find ways to be able to stay.

A great way to do this is through something known as “Adjustment of Status”, especially if the undocumented immigrant has close family members who already are residents or citizens.

Generally, for those who are undocumented, immigrants may become permanent residents either through their adult citizen children, or through their citizen spouse, or they become residents from petitions from siblings or parents which were filed many years ago.

Qualifications for Adjustment of Status

You may apply for an Adjustment of Status to become a Permanent Resident if:

  • You are eligible to receive an immigrant visa;
  • You are admissible to the United States for permanent residence; and
  • An immigrant visa is immediately available to you at the time of application filing

Hundreds of thousands of people adjust their status based on family petitions each year, however, not everyone is eligible.

Legal Barriers to Adjustment of Status

If you entered the United States using one of the following visa categories, you are barred from adjusting your status and must leave the country first to change your status through consular processing:

  • Non-Citizen crewmen who arrived in the U.S. on board an airplane, ship, or vessel
  • A foreign national transitioning through the U.S. from one country to another
  • An alien admitted legally into the U.S. as a non-immigrant visitor, under the Visa Waiver Program

Many people may not qualify due to the complicated rules and regulations in the law, so anyone hoping to adjust their status should consult with an attorney to make sure they do not make any costly mistakes.

Here at Maria Jones Law Firm, we have worked for more than fifteen years to help thousands of people to become residents of the United States, often through adjustment of status. We love helping our clients realize their dreams of becoming permanent residents so they can have better lives and live safely in the United States with their families.

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