A common form of immigration is the employment authorization document (EAD), which is more commonly known as the work card. EADs are generally applied for by 2 separate groups: Students who have just graduated and have optional practical training (OPT) cards for 12 months, and people who are in the process of getting their green card interview, and are simply waiting for it to arrive. In recent years, it seems as if the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department is slowing down when it comes to sending out the EAD, so it should be filed for as soon as possible. Students will be ineligible for hire if they don’t have an EAD when it is time to start their paid training. For those waiting for a green card interview, generally they run into EAD trouble when they try to extend its expiration date. If the card actually expires before a new one is received, then the green card holder must stop working until a new EAD arrives, which sometimes means that the individual can lose their driver’s license as well. If you have filed for an EAD and it has been more than 90 days, you are able to fill out a request on the USCIS website. After doing so, you can go to the local immigration office and show them your confirmation, and they can sometimes help you get your EAD faster. They can’t always make it happen quicker, though. The best preventative maintenance you can do is to simply file as soon as possible. EADs can be requested up to 4 months in advance, so don’t delay!