STORY 1: Mr. Aguilera is a national and citizen of Mexico. He entered the United States on or about September of 1997 at the age of 18. Mr. Aguilera is the father of four beautiful children and has been with his wife for over 12 years. While seeking to become a lawful permanent resident, Mr. Aguilera, and his family experience hardship. His child was diagnosed with asthma, he has been the sole provider for many years and could not find employment, and his wife became depressed. Throughout his case, Maria Jones Law Firm assisted him in every way possible. Once his provisional waiver was granted it was extremely likely that he would obtain his lawful permanent resident card. Today Mr. Aguilera is a permanent resident of the United States.

STORY 2: Mr. F was approved for Adjustment of Status. It took 4 months for him to gather all the necessary documents for his packet. Everything went accordingly and this resulted in a fast case ever since Maria Jones Law Firm sent Mr.Fhis packet. MJLF was not sure if the petitioner would attend his father’s interview because he lives in Virginia but in the end, he decided to go. At the interview, the officer requested more evidence of the relationship because the father was never married to the son’s mother.Mr.F had a very small amount of documents to prove the relationship. MLJF sent the documents to the USCIS in March. We are proud to say that this week on June 16, we received his approval.Mr.F was very happy and he informed us he received his LPR card. Read More about US Immigration News