When it comes to an immigration interview, there are many do’s and don’t’s. This is most certainly true for nonimmigrant visa interviews. In fact, there are a few rules that apply only to nonimmigrant visas, such as impressing on the interviewing officer the importance of your homeland. By its very nature, a nonimmigrant visa is temporary, and as such, if the consular officer believes that you do not have sufficiently strong ties to your home country, they may deny you a visa on the belief that you will be more inclined to stay in the country after your visa expires. In addition to making that impression, it is important to understand that the visa interview will almost certainly be performed in English. For this reason, it is extremely important to practice speaking English conversationally with someone. Be careful not to prepare any speeches, however, as the ability to converse normally in English is much preferred. If your intention in coming to the United States is to mainly study English, you will need to show the officer how you plan to use your advanced English knowledge once you return to your home country. One more tip that often gets overlooked is to make sure that you speak for yourself during the interview. By that, I mean do not bring any family members to the interview with you. If you are not comfortable to speak for yourself during the interview, the officer will likely have a bad impression and judge accordingly. If you are minor, and your parents need to be there to answer certain questions, make sure they remain in the waiting room until their presence is needed. Hopefully, this has provided you with a little help in feeling comfortable about your nonimmigrant visa interview. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact a qualified immigration attorney immediately.