In our previous entry, we outlined some of the requirements for companies when it comes to one of their employees obtaining a green card through the PERM-GC process. There are myriad different requirements that must come into play throughout this extremely complicated process. One of the most important areas is when an employer has to evaluate resumes that have been submitted. After the company has publicly posted the job opening in all of the required ways listed in our previous entry, they will then have to look through the stack of submitted resumes to make sure that each applicant meets the minimum requirements. They are not evaluating candidates to determine whether they think they will be a good fit, but rather, they are simply looking at whether the objective qualifications have been met by what is listed on the resume. If a candidate, including the individual interested in obtaining a green card for the open position, does not currently meet the minimum requirements, that candidate will be removed from the system, and no further considerations will be required. If, however, a candidate does meet the minimum objective requirements and qualifications, or if any additional information is required from that individual to determine their eligibility, the employment office at the company will need to contact the applicant directly, and set up a time for an interview, following all standard company procedures. In our next entry, we will go over the interview process, and some of the information that may be required, as well as some of the forms that will need to be filed during this process.