Jennifer Al-Imari has been an Immigration Attorney for six years and has recently joined Maria Jones Law Firm as an Attorney Of Counsel. She became licensed to practice law in 2015 and focuses on asylum, withholding of removal, and withholding of removal under the Convention Against Torture cases. Ms. Al-Imari has appeared in courts all over the United States, with extensive experience working with detained clients. 

Ms. Al-Imari is passionate about immigration law and helping clients fulfill their dreams of living in a country where they need not live in fear daily. She is compassionate with her clients but provides them with honest and realistic guidance. Before becoming an attorney, Ms. Al-Imari worked at American Express for 8 years in the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance division, ensuring that customers of the company were not laundering money or financing terrorism through their American Express accounts.

Ms. Al-Imari previously served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where she served 18 months along the southern Texas border, specifically in the towns of Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville. She then lived in Mexico City, Mexico for 4 months as a student teacher, teaching Geography at the boarding school Benemerito de las Americas. After completing her undergraduate studies, Ms. Al-Imari was an English as a Second Language teacher for over 4 years in Omaha, NE, before moving to Utah, where she left teaching to work in the municipal court. Her experience working for the court led Ms. Al-Imari to desire to go to law school, which is what brought her, her husband and two children to Arizona.

Ms. Al-Imari enjoys spending time with her husband and now high school aged children, and doing woodworking projects, building furniture, shelves, and other home improvement items.