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Attorney Brian Soto Interviewed by Telumundo

Maria Jones Law Firm’s Brian Soto was recently interviewed by Telemundo regarding an criminal -immigration case where the mayor of Bacum was sentenced to 15 months in a federal prison.

Mayor Rogelio Aboyte Limón of Bacum, a municipality in the southern part of Sonora, Mexico, was sentenced to 15 months behind bars in a District Court in Arizona for fraud. Limón was arrested on December 27th, 2018 for attempting to enter Arizona with a fraudulent passport. He later pled guilty to False Statement in Application and Use of Passport.

According to federal court documents, the Mexican mayor, who belongs to the same Moreno party as Mexican president Andres Manuel López Obrador, was entering the country to take his family to Disneyland. He was charged with lying on his passport application, which was secured in 2004 and renewed in 2015. The federal prosecutor in the case detailed how Limón had previously been convicted on charges of cocaine trafficking in 2011, when he was living in the U.S. under a different name, and that he had been deported from the country in 1999 and 2000.

Attorney Soto Weighs in on Limón Case

Lending his knowledge on criminal and immigration law, Attorney Brian Soto discussed the Limón case with reporter Melissa Aguilar of Telemundo Arizona. Soto explained that Limón’s situation is fairly unusual, given that that the embattled mayor had fraudulently obtained a U.S. passport with his actual photo, while most immigrants attempt to enter the U.S. with false credentials of others and try to pass them off as theirs. Soto went on to further discuss how there are a variety of consequences associated with this type of misrepresentation, as the offense falls under federal code, and can therefore lead to criminal punishment. It would not be strange for a case like Limón’s to result in deportation, and ultimately permanent barring of future immigration benefits. Taking into account Limón’s recent sentencing and already fraught history with U.S. law, it seems more than likely that he will not be allowed back in the country after he finishes serving his prison time.

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